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As one might expect in any company as small—and efficient—as Anacapa, many of our staff members wear more than one hat, yet have the requisite training and experience in each of their areas of expertise. But based on feedback from our clients, what they do NOT expect in a company our size is the elite character of our entire team, from management on down. When you contact us with a sourcing research request, a technical support issue or any other problem, you will quickly discover that you are dealing with consummate professionals with levels of experience and knowledge seldom encountered even in companies many times our size.

UPSHOT: Our remarkable success over the past twenty years has been due to our PEOPLE. And if we continue on our trajectory it will be no less true in the future.


Our senior management has a cumulative 70 years of experience with strong emphasis on technical expertise in the IT/electronics industries, 55 of which were at Anacapa. These statistics testify not only to the depth of each manager's background and knowledge, but also to the longevity of their tenure at Anacapa and to testability and continuity of our team leaders.


Part of being an effective leader is exercising great care in choosing one's staff members. This explains why we continually receive compliments from our clients about the initiative, the resourcefulness and the professionalism of every member of our staff.


From time to time, Anacapa has one or more openings. If you feel you have the necessary experience and qualifications to function well in a highly professional environment, we encourage you to check with us about current or anticipated openings.