News & Announcements

Anacapa's corporate history is punctuated by news releases and other announcements about awards and commendations, certifications and contracts awarded by government agencies, universities and other organizations. These include supplier contracts and subcontracts on major federal programs, Corporate Supplier Agreements with major clients, strategic alliances with big OEMs and distributors, etc.


Our Vision.

Anacapa has a twenty-year track record of solid performance as a supplier serving the federal market, and our company has grown accordingly. Though the product side of our business continues to grow, the service side is becoming more important than ever. We envision a future Anacapa that successfully transitions toward greater focus on value-added services, yet without ever compromising our award-winning efficiency in delivering products on time and exactly as ordered.


Since its inception in 1991, Anacapa has been fulfilling IT requirements for prime contractors, government agencies and higher education. Beginning as a memory module manufacturer, Anacapa still performs design, R&D and manufacturing services directly on its premises. In the early 1990s, we expanded to include mass storage products and to provide integration services. Our storage offering includes everything from simple media, a drive sled or a single hard drive to a multi-terabyte RAID array or a massive tape library or autoloader. We now provide products covering every facet of computer hardware and peripherals—literally, every brand—for every platform. Offerings include computer hardware/software; audio visual equipment; computer security solutions; GPS technology; networking; plant security products; telecom/satellite/antenna solutions; test and measurement equipment; etc.