An array of organizations. One company to serve them all.

Anacapa is the premier technology company, serving many industries—including government and higher education. But we’re not in business to simply do business: we’re committed to providing clients with the best products, dependable services and a customer experience that’s unequaled.

Anacapa's clients include:

We Work With Them In Different Ways:

Who We Serve.

They Come To Us Looking For Different Things:

  • Since Anacapa is a HUBZone company, some clients see us as a way to meet their mandated quota for HUBZone credits. But once they experience how easy it is to do business with us, our extraordinary level of customer service, competitive pricing, tech support, logistics prowess, sourcing skills, etc., we retain them indefinitely. Those HUBZone credits then become just the "cherry on top of the cake".
  • Sometimes, clients see us as a small company, though we are certainly not as small as we used to be. Then they discover that we have special relationships with 600+ OEMs (that translate directly into advantages for our customers). They discover that our eCommerce infrastructure works seamlessly with their own; that our record of order completion, fast turnaround and on-time delivery exceeds that of most of our larger competitors, and so on. In short, they discover a rare combination of service as from a small business, but with efficiency as from a large supplier—the best of both worlds.
  • Oftentimes, new clients are referred to us by existing clients.