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High Performance Computing (HPC) is now a critical capability in nearly every Government agency.  Since 1991 ANACAPA has provided HPC solutions to the Federal government, System Integrators, and universities. We architect, build, configure, and service custom HPC & AI software & hardware for demanding requirements. Our custom solutions include HPC clusters, enterprise servers, storage servers, AI/GPU clusters, petabyte storage systems, virtualization systems, hardware solutions for deep learning, as well as machine learning and comprehensive AI & APC software solutions.  We offer a wide variety of Linux Cluster Solutions, customized to fit your specific needs. We have the ability to create a new cluster or add on to your existing cluster ensuring versatility with many possibilities.  

Whether you are interested in HPC Clusters, NVIDIA GPU Clusters, or the extremely secure, SELinux MLS Clusters, you can rest assured that we will offer you the latest and greatest technologies for your solution. We also have options for extended warranties, on-site warranties and installation.

HPC Products



  • AMD Compatible
  • Intel Cascade Lake Compatible
  • GPU Servers
  • High-Density


  • JBOD Expansion
  • Storage Servers
  • ZFS NAS/SAN Storage


  • Data Science
  • Other

Blade Enclosures

  • SuperBlade Enclosures


  • MicroBlades
  • SuperBlades
  • TwinBlades

Form Factors

  • 1U Servers
  • 2U Servers
  • 3U Servers
  • 4U Servers

Network Switches

  • Edge Core Switches
  • Intel Omni-Path
  • Mellanox InfiniBand

OEM Partners

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