Your Secure Supply Chain Partner

Meeting government security and reliability standards for 30+ years

ANACAPA Aerospace and Defense Approved, QMS Certified

We take the worry out of IT acquisition.


ANACAPA brings a long-term commitment to quality that underlies all business practices. Customers are assured that their technology solutions will meet government security and reliability standards. We implement an ongoing deployment of CMMC security protocols with our internal IT infrastructure and employ strict supply chain security practices.

Quality – The ANACAPA Way

We understand the importance of incorporating quality into every aspect of the business. Starting with a quality focus in our very first interaction with our customers, our engineers begin working to build to the exact requirements of program needs. 

Sales, quality, accounting, and the warehouse work closely together to maintain the highest level of quality and on time delivery to our customers.  

Utilizing our supplier report cards we take all feedback and ensure that our current policies and procedures continue to effectively meet our customer’s needs. 

Training is a critical element of our company culture. We ensure all employees are trained how to meet customer requirements, to work ethically, and to understand the impact of their actions.

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